Dual Band Filter Application Note

Dual band pass filter (DBPF) applications are at the leading edge of fiber optical modules and systems. Using DBPFs is a new concept in multiplex and de-multiplex module design used in optimizing wavelength ranges or channel management. The application of DBPFs makes it possible to reduce the component quantity in optical modules, enhances their performance, and enables faster data transfer in the optical backbone of major networks.

In 2012, Iridian was the key component supplier in the deployment of a new LTE system in the major cities of Korea. Very stable and reliable performance was required and Iridian was the only company able to manufacture dual band pass filters in a commercially viable manner! Iridian’s filters bring several advantages over alternative technologies; low insertion loss and low ripple in pass band along with, high isolation and steep slopes from pass band to reflection band. Iridian has also successfully developed and produced triple-band and quad-band filters with similar performance.

Recently, dual band pass filters have been designed and applied in EPON, GPON and will be applied in future 10GPON for 1310, 1490 and 1557nm wavelength band combinations. Adopting the dual band pass filters in module design provides compatibility with existing PONs and simplifies system upgrading. It is expected that this solution will be widely applied in access networks all over the world.


CWDM Dual Band