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The team’s responsibilities are not only for sales and customer relations with respect to existing products, but also for prospecting and pursuit of new market opportunities. They have engineering backgrounds and a deep interest in the technologies and customer needs. The team covers all geographical areas with the help of distributors in a few specific areas (see contact us for details).

For general sales inquires please email

or Tel: +1(613)741-4513 [Press Option #1]

Xiaolun Zeng

Xiaolun Zeng

Product Group Manager - Telecom

Xiaolun joined the team in 2005 after many years of experience in the optical communications industry. He has lead responsibility for sales and developing markets in the Asian region and a strong interest in telecommunications products. Xiaolun speaks both Mandarin and English.

You can contact Xiaolun at or by Tel: +1 (613) 741-4513 x 290

Jason Palidwar

Jason Palidwar

Product Group Manager - Aerospace and Specialty Optics

Jason joined the team in 2006 with a broad industrial background as a product manager in JDS Uniphase related to telecommunications filters. Jason has since taken a special interest in products for spectroscopic applications and specialty product lines such as entertainment sector (3D glasses and filter wheels) and mid-IR filters.

You can contact Jason at or by Tel: +1 (613) 741-4513 x 240

Hongbai Lao

Hongbai Lao

Account Manager

Hongbai joined the team in Dec 2013 with a 15+ years experience in manufacturing and sales of coated optics and optical filters for telecommunications, fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy applications. Hongbai has brought this extensive experience to Iridian and can assist you with your optics needs in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

You can contact Hongbai at or by Tel: +1 (613) 741-4513 x 234

Mitsuko McMillan

Inside Sales Support

Mitsuko joined the team in 2015 with more than 19 years’ experience in customer support in a variety of roles , including sales, scheduling, translation, paralegal services and event management. Mitsuko has brought this extensive customer support experience to Iridian and can assist you with your needs in English and Japanese.

You can contact Mitsuko at or by Tel: +1 (613) 741-4513 x 358

Daniel Ulba

Sales Engineer

Daniel joined the team in 2020 with more than 15 years’ experience in customer support in a variety of roles, including Telecom equipment technical support and Telecom Equipment sales,. Daniel has brought this extensive technical and customer support experience to Iridian and can assist you with your needs in English, French and Portuguese.

You can contact Daniel at or by Tel: +1 (613) 741-4513 x 266

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