Tap couplers and beam-splitter filters are typically used to split one beam into two beams through transmittance and reflectance. They are used primarily for monitoring the optical fiber traffic in telecom applications.

Iridian carries a standard line of tap coupler/beamsplitter filters. These filters can be designed to work either with polarized or non-polarized light and the output beams may be polarized or not, as desired. Our Tap Filters provide more accurate tap ratio and polarization status. While most beamsplitters require a flat transmittance/reflectance level over a broad wavelength range, Iridian can also design beamsplitters with curve responses if required.

GraphWavelength Range [nm]Product
[prod_link_from_title prod_title="WS-Tx 35 P-Polarizing Beamsplitter" linked_image="true"]1500 - 1580[prod_link_from_title prod_title="WS-Tx 35 P-Polarizing Beamsplitter" linked_image="false"]
[prod_link_from_title prod_title="Tx 50 Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter" linked_image="true"]1520 - 1620[prod_link_from_title prod_title="Tx 50 Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter" linked_image="false"]
[prod_link_from_title prod_title="WS-Tx 90 Non-Polarizing Tap Coupler" linked_image="true"]1520 - 1620[prod_link_from_title prod_title="WS-Tx 90 Non-Polarizing Tap Coupler" linked_image="false"]




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