Single Channel Filters

Iridian offers custom single channel high AOI CWDM filter solutions to fit your requirements . These filters are used to transmit a single CWDM channel and reflect all other CWDM channels over the specified operating wavelength range . These filters are available at 13.5º angle of incidence ( or your custom AOI) with a typical CWL of 1270 to 1611 nm. Some product examples are shown below.

GraphCWL [nm]Operating Wavelength Range [nm]Pass Bandwidth [nm]Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB]Product
[prod_link_from_title prod_title="CWDM 1271 BPF - 13.5" linked_image="true"]12711260 - 1620>15>30[prod_link_from_title prod_title="CWDM 1271 BPF - 13.5" linked_image="false"]
[prod_link_from_title prod_title="CWDM 1611 BPF - 13.5" linked_image="true"]16111260 - 1620>15>30[prod_link_from_title prod_title="CWDM 1611 BPF - 13.5" linked_image="false"]

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