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Iridian’s SWIR, MWIR and LWIR bandpass filters are designed to optimize detection of spectral emission lines.

Broadly speaking, these filters are used in optical systems based on Raman spectroscopy or laser-induced fluorescence.

Iridian offers high quality telecom filters at competitive prices to meet the ever increasing wireless and fiber-to-the-home traffic demand.

Iridian’s single band fluorescence bandpass filter sets have been optimized for use in a variety of fluorescence instruments.

Iridian offers both assembled multi-zone filter arrays and patterned multi-zone optical filters to address these growing needs.

Iridian has manufactured millions of pairs of re-usable 3D color band glasses over the past five years.

The Leader in Optical Filter Solutions

Iridian was founded in 1998 and It covers the entire spectrum from prototype development to volume production. Over the decades. Iridian has developed a high degree of automation in order to ensure high quality and low cost products. It has an unparalleled capability to produce both high volume commodity filters and custom thin film optical filters.

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Iridian Filters Chosen for Dragonfly Telescope

Iridian Filters Chosen for Dragonfly Telescope

Ottawa, Canada, June 7, 2021 Iridian Spectral Technologies congratulates the team at the Dunlap Institute at the University of Toronto on securing nearly $2 million in support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for the development and expansion of their...

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