Polishing Technician


Department: Polishing

Location:, Ottawa, Ontario

Reporting: Production Supervisor – Polishing

Openings: 2

Summary statement


Iridian’s glass polishing shop delivers precision optics at a level that few shops in the world can match. The Polishing Technician initially learns to grind coated substrates to a specified thickness and wedge, and polish them to a specified finish, delivering a high level of quality and a low level of defects to the next step of the manufacturing process. With practice, training and aptitude, technicians can advance to more complex tasks such as controlling flatness, reading fringes, optical contacting, etc.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performing all aspects related to filter polishing including: grinding, polishing, and cleaning of filters.
  2. Visual inspection of finished work.
  3. Signing out of finished work.
  4. Performing physical measurements of coated parts.
  5. Keeping a clean work environment.
  6. Data entry into various computer programs as required.
  7. Follows safety procedures as set out in the Health and Safety policy and internal training.
  8. Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications and Skills


  1. Graduation from high school or the equivalent.
  2. Reliable performance and quality work with minimum supervision.
  3. Ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  1. Manual dexterity and ability to handle precision parts with great care.
  2. Ability to see through a microscope.
  3. Ability to perform under time pressure.
  4. Prior machine shop experience would be an asset.
  5. Controlled Goods Security Clearance Required


Working Conditions


  1. Frequent exposure to controlled substances.
  2. Execution of repetitive tasks, often involving delicate parts.


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