100 GHz C Band

This 100 GHz Solid Etalon Filter (SEF) is optimized to have a high contrast which makes it well-suited for wavelength locking applications.

Sample Product Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Free Spectral Range [GHz] 100 +/- 0.02
Operating Wavelength Range [nm] 1520 ~ 1570
FSR Temperature Stability [MHz/C] -0.7
ITU Grid Temperature Tuning [GHz/C] -1.22
Maximum Insertion Loss [dB] 1.0
Operating Temperature Range [deg C] 0 ~ 100
Parallelism [arc-seconds] < 0.5 arc-seconds for etalon filters
Physical Specifications
Filter Size (length x width) [mm] 1.5 x 1.5
Mechanical Durability Telecordia GR1221
Environmental Testing Telecordia GR1221
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