Hardware/Software Support Specialist


Department: Optical and Mechanical Support

Reporting: Director, OMS


Summary statement


The purpose of this job is to increase manufacturing productivity by developing, improving or troubleshooting automated manufacturing systems.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


The main concentration of the position is programming of automated test and sorting systems, and the employee will therefore also learn and apply methods of optical filter testing in order to properly troubleshoot problems and validate solutions. Software is written in Delphi (object Pascal). The employee will modify existing features and add new functionality, while also implementing hardware such as new motion control hardware and light sources. Hardware oriented duties will include mechanical assembly as well as electrical wiring and optical alignment. Software development duties will often involve database management and queries using MySQL.


Minimum Qualifications and Skills


  1. Bachelors in Engineering or Physics.
  2. Familiarity with object oriented programming. Knowledge of Delphi is an asset.
  3. Strong analytical ability and technical judgment.
  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  5. Some knowledge of optics and fiber optics is an asset.
  6. Electronics assembly skills such as soldering is an asset.


Working Conditions


Most of the work takes place in a clean environment, requiring a lab coat (provided) and a pair of indoor shoes worn only in the workplace. Some areas of the lab environment have significant background noise from the operation of automated systems.


Type of Supervision Received


The employee will most likely be given several projects, and will be expected to grasp the objectives and requirements of the projects and to work independently, with intermittent support and supervision throughout the day.



Kate Ferguson





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